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Course Rules

9-Hole Course

  • No private lessons shall be given on the course unless sanctioned by the Borough of Fenwick (BOF).
  • All players are urged to have a sand receptacle when playing to repair divots and place sand in any divots on tees (sand is provided) and repair ball marks on the greens and surrounds.
  • The Starter/Ranger has complete authority over the pace of play.
  • No 5-somes allowed.
  • All play must start from the 1st tee
    During the High Season, which is, June 24th — Labor Day, the course is closed at 4PM on Friday, Saturday and Sundays for the use of residents.
  • All golfers must carry their own bag of clubs (rentals are available up until 2 hours before the last tee time) and be a Fenwick Resident, a Ticketholder, or a cash player to be on the course.
  • Nongolfers are not permitted on the course; however, exceptions can be made if a parent or grandparent would like to follow their child or grandchild. The same applies to any handicapped player where assistance may be necessary. No walkers or bicyclists are allowed along the course or its' perimeters except during certain Fenwick events — and then by residents or their guests only.
  • Play only one ball.
  • Keep all carts, of any kind, out of tall grass areas.
  • Keep motorized carts a minimum of 30' from the green and follow cart path signs.
  • Motorized carts use stone cart paths where provided.
  • Keep push cars and bags off greens and collars.
  • Rake bunkers and exit from lowest point.
  • Be aware of golf course maintenance staff before hitting and use caution.
  • Proper golf attire is required

Children Ages 14 and Under — 9-Hole Rules

  • Children 14 and under are not permitted on the 9‐hole course before 4:00 PM on weekends or holidays June 25th thru Labor Day, and must be accompanied by an adult at all other times.
  • Children 14 and under may be asked to demonstrate a reasonable skill level before they are permitted to play the 9‐hole course.

Ryder Cup (5‐Hole) Course Rules

  • All 9‐hole rules plus the following:
  • Priority is given to children who would like to use the course.
  • Except Fenwick children, an adult shall accompany all children aged 14 and under.
  • Only Fenwick Residents and Season Ticket Holders are allowed to use the course for practice or to hit long balls and any sustained chipping/pitching must be done in the designated areas. All others must use the course for 5‐ hole play only.
  • Long club practice by Fenwick Residents and Ticketholders is permitted only from the raised mound area, (Not from the tee box's). Such play is restricted during 5‐hole play usage.
  • From June 24th - through Labor Day the course is open only to Fenwick residents and Season Ticket‐Holders.
  • Season Ticket Holders may bring their Children/Grandchildren, with one child at no cost and additional children for $5 per round.
  • No private lessons shall be given on the course unless sanctioned by the BOF.
  • During the period June 25th — Labor Day the course is closed at 4PM on Friday, Saturday and Sundays, for the exclusive use of residents.
  • When the 9‐hole course is closed for a Fenwick sponsored tournament, the Ryder Cup Course will be closed.