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The Fenwick Golf Course dates to 1896, but as history tells us, the first tomato cans and flags were put in the ground two years before that.

The 1896 layout was rudimentary but over the years, the relocation and building of tees, greens and hazards, combined to create the basis of the modern Fenwick; a links-style design that resembles the seaside layouts of the British Isles in both character and playability, with un-irrigated fairways, natural greens and topography, and, usually, wind or breezes.

The basic foundational purpose of Fenwick is that golfers of varying skill levels can enjoy the strategic design. Hole locations, green speeds, and the elements can combine to make the course challenging, as appropriate.

We invite you to come test your hand, and marvel at the prestige and beauty of Connecticut's oldest public golf course. As you stand on the upper level of the 6th green, you will be standing on the oldest green in the state of Connecticut in its original location.